The Purpose of Counselling is

To Unbound Oneself.

"If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden."

                                                                                                                 -Frances Hodgson Burnett


About Me

Jessica is a counsellor and personal development coach. She has a passion for helping clients find ways to unstuck themselves if they are feeling stuck, gain clarity on issues if life is momentarily clouded and offer support and an empathetic ear when suffering though life's challenges.  

She also helps clients improve their performance in career, by helping clients create and reach new goals, by inspiring change, increasing motivation, overcoming limiting beliefs, blocks and circumstances. 


As well as counselling, Jessica has a  diverse career background in music education and as a professional musician which allow her to connect interpersonally with people from diverse backgrounds and  personalities.  Her modern and multidisciplinary approach to counselling reflects her multi diverse background as she can draw from a variety of counselling evidence based approaches including CBT, ACT, and existential therapy as well as combining these evidence based approaches creatively with music and art depending on her clients needs and focus.

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Specializing in Personal Development Coaching, Anxiety, Depression and Mood, Children & Adolescence  

Personal Development

Personal development coaching is for people who are interested to achieve goals related to career, relationships, health and wellness, or general self improvement. Generally, personal development coaching focusses on helping clients reach their potential in terms of who they want to be or what the are setting out to accomplish. 

People who work well with life coaching believe that change is possible and have a strong motivation to make changes happen.

Anxiety is our bodies natural response to stress.  It is a feeling of fear when faced with uncertainty, often when we are concerned with of what is yet to come.

It is common to experience symptoms of anxiety when we are confronted by a change in job, moving, life transitions or taking a test.  Often, this form of anxiety can be helpful in motivating us to take the next necessary steps.  This form of anxiety comes and goes.

We can all feel sad and moody from time to time depending on what is happing in our lives.  However, some people experience these feelings for a longer duration sometimes lasting weeks, months and years.


Depression is classified as a mood disorder where feelings of sadness, loss, anger and hopelessness effects daily life and activities for a longer period of time.

Children and Adolescence 

Growing through the developmental stages can be joyful at times and also challenging at times. Children and adolescence will go through changes in moods and behaviours as they go through the new transitions mentally, physically and emotionally making growing up a very individual processes with ups and downs. This is a normal part of development and is known as "growing pains".  When a child's development stage matches their age there is no reason for concern. 

As children grow into young adults, they develop social skills and emotional intelligence.  If these skills are developed in a healthy way, this can lead to healthy lives in the future.