"If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden."

                                                                                         - Frances Hodgson Burnett                                                                             

A contemporary therapist can help you discover new ways of looking at things. This opens many new choices and possibilities to make fulfilling change happen in your life faster. 
Are you ready to make some great change happen?


Hello,  I'm Jessica!

I am an online contemporary therapist  specialized in working with today’s youth and young adults. I have a genuine passion for helping each client improve their lives. I believe that to do so starts by establishing an authentic connection with you. Our connection is my first priority in counselling. 


My style of working with you feels more like having a trusted teammate or friend to bounce ideas off of together. I am someone you can come to when you feel the need for an empathetic ear, to help you get unstuck, or gain clarity on challenges life may have momentarily thrown at you. We will work together collaboratively  and you will receive skillful support through the rough times, and have a cheerleader celebrating the victories with you during the up times.

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Why Online?

Telehealth is...

It's Convenient 

  • Don't waste time on commuting

  • You can even schedule it in on your lunch break!

It's Comfortable

  • Do not need to change out of your pyjamas! 

It's Private

  • You can be confident you are private because you choose the space!

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Youth & Young Adult Specialist 

As a specialist in youth and young adults, I need to be current with issues you are dealing with today. ​

At this time of your life, you are searching for how you will fit in and establish yourself in the world.  This is an exciting time but can also be confusing.

Friendships & relationships, self- image, school pressures,  parent pressures, social media, competition & cyber bullying are common issues that can effect your well being and cause anxiety.

You might be feeling misunderstood, and do not know who you can talk to about your current issues in fear of being judged.  

 In therapy, you will  feel listened to, accepted and that someone understands you without judgement. We will work through the issues gaining new tools to manage stress and help you to better understand yourself.


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