Stress & Anxiety

Are you finding it difficult to mange stress? Stress is common and a part of everyday life's response to challenging events or situations.  It could be school deadlines, pressure from parents expectations,  difficult decisions, family conflict or maybe you are moving.   Or maybe you are experiencing anxiety -  are you feeling worried all the time, in a state of constant dread and fear , but there is no  challenging event or situation looming over you?  

We will work together to find out the root of where the stress or anxiety is coming from. I will help you become aware of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are presenting when you are stressed or feeling anxious.  We will go through ways to manage stressful situations and change the way we respond to them. You will then be able to know how to handle anxiety and stress when it pops up.  We will practice some mindfulness techniques and prepare some clear strategies to make sure stress and anxiety does not rule your life. 

Relationships & Friendships

Relationships can be confusing and stressful.  You might find that you want to talk about it with someone who is completely outside of your circle of friends and family since the issues are so private and personal. I can help you with effective communication techniques, process a breakup, work through conflict and help you strengthen a relationship. Through this process you will also learn more about yourself, your values and gain insight into what you value in a romantic partner and other friendships. 

Confidence & Self Image 

Do you hesitate to do things because of what others might think or have thoughts about yourself that you continually want to change? If so, you my have some issues with self image or lack some confidence. Our self image is essentially how we see ourselves.  The self - image we have of ourselves determines what kind of person we think we are and what we believe others think about us.  This all boils down to how much we believe in ourselves and our self worth. 

When we work together, we will explore your thoughts and feelings about yourself.  We will challenge those critical thoughts that might be holding you back from your confident self.  I will help you improve your self image and help you to treat yourself with more compassion and kindness. 




Peer Pressure, Competition & Bullying 

Peer pressure or social influence is when you choose to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do, because you want to feel accepted and valued by your friends. Sometimes peer influence is good and it can inspire you to learn new things or become better at something such as a sport. Then there are times when peer pressure can turn into  doing something against your will or values.

In therapy, we will go through the different types of peer pressure and the ways messages are communicated. It can be tricky to really understand how some of the subtle, indirect  or aggressive  messages from your peers can be effecting your thoughts, feelings and  behaviours. We will then work together to strengthen your communication to set boundaries, and improve your awareness of yourself and what your values are to stay strong and true to them confidently. 

Addressing issues with peer pressure in therapy early on in life can really help create a good foundation of skills and confidence for healthy adult life in the future as we adults also face peer pressures in our work life and social lives later on.   

Attention & Concentration

If you are having trouble keeping your attention on activities, social interactions and in class or concentrating on completing your homework assignments, there is good news....  we can work on building and improving your attention span and concentration. Some of my clients tell me they feel a lot calmer and can learn without the stress after improving their concentration through my approach. 

We will first get to the bottom of where the lack of attention and concentration is coming from. We will become aware of possible internal and external factors which may be effecting your concentration. Then I will help you expand your concentration through cognitive games and activities while helping you make some lifestyle choices which will promote less distraction and greater concentration. With practice and some time, you will notice improvement in your attention, concentration and memory.